Financial Services

Asset Locates

Identification of an individual’s assets can often be useful to determine whether pursuing litigation for recovery of a debt is warranted.  Frequently, a basic asset search will focus on real property, and perhaps vehicles owned by an individual and/or business.

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In-Depth Asset Locates

An in-depth asset check will usually involve researching bank accounts, brokerage houses and in some cases offshore accounts. This type of search can be critical in satisfying civil judgments.

They can also be a valuable tool when negotiating settlements during civil litigation involving a marital dissolution or injury related claim.

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Employment Searches

To maintain their standard of living, most people must work. Knowing where someone is employed can provide the investigator a means of locating someone in the event  a home address is not available.  If necessary, an individual can be served at work.  And in most instances, their wages are subject to attachment to satisfy an obligation which has been reduced to judgment.

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Financial Background Searches

Prior to pursuing litigation or accepting a proposed settlement, you may need to assess one’s ability to respond to a financial obligation.  Due to FCRA regulations, one cannot simply “pull” a credit report to obtain information regarding an individual’s financial history.  In lieu of this, Branson Investigative Services suggests researching all relevant information, including bankruptcies, government liens, evictions and other data to provide significant insight about an individual’s ability and/or willingness to meet his or her financial obligations.

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