Why Branson?

Private Investigator For Hire

Whether your investigation involves the location of assets or personal and/or corporate background information, Branson Investigative Services’ goal is to provide you with a quality investigation that is reliable, accurate and delivered quickly at a competitive price.

Our Private Investigations Agency

Branson Investigative Services is about solutions, not excuses.  The primary goal of every Branson investigation is to obtain the information our clients need so they may address their specific needs.  This may involve locating an individual or business and their assets, obtaining witness statements and serving court documents where others have been unable.  As a full-service investigative agency, the services we provide are all encompassing and Branson Investigative Services never loses sight that customer service is our number one priority.

Branson investigations are not limited to our geographical location.  We are headquartered in Northern California, but our investigations are conducted both nationally and internationally.  Through partnering with other investigative agencies, Branson can physically be  anywhere in the continental United States within 24 hours.  These partnerships have been forged through the years.   Many of the investigative agencies with whom we have partnered have backgrounds in law enforcement.  However, often times, certain investigations will benefit from a mind set outside police officer training.

Private Investigator Help

Database records are crucial to locating individuals and their assets.  Branson maintains numerous sources of information for our clients.  Much of the information developed during a database search can be out of date and needs to be verified.  Additionally, Branson is able to secure information which simply is not available through an online database search.  These sources are crucial in locating individuals who, for whatever reason, do not want to be found. They are also very effective in developing asset information.

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